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fishingwithgrandchildOne of our goals is to live the best quality of life we can as we age. At OsteoStrong, each brief session is designed to help you naturally achieve healthy joints, strong bones, and better balance and flexibility. This allows you to do more of what you want to do – to enjoy a pain-free, healthy, active life. There’s nothing like being able to play with your grandchildren or take a brisk hike in nature, for example.

However, many people buy into the notion that they will have to sacrifice many of the activities they love as they age. Many Seniors learn to simply accept the fact that their bones, muscles, and balance are going to weaken as they age. They figure that new aches and pain are just the way it’s going to be from here out… This is not the case with many of our OsteoStrong members.

It’s true that everyone eventually feels the effects of bone and muscle loss after age 30. But, at OsteoStrong, our goal is not to slow down the process of aging like what you’d expect from working out every day. Our goal is to actually reverse the process of aging. In fact, we measure your progress by looking at the results you achieve. The OsteoStrong system is not a new fad workout. Thank goodness. It’is not a gym or another health supplement or pharmaceutical drug. Our system is backed by science and thousands of testimonials from people of all age groups that confirm that your bones can get stronger and your agility can improve.

Each OsteoStrong session is safe and easy. It only takes about 7 minutes once-a-week and you can come dressed as you are; no gym clothes are needed. You will be amazed at how quickly your strength increases and you won’t even break a sweat. You will receive a report after every session showing your progress. And best of all, if you aren’t seeing the strength gains we promise, we have a money back guarantee.

Here are some of the specific benefits that Seniors are witnessing:

Loss of Balance and Agility

A real concern for many people over 60 is a noticeable loss in balance, a decline in bone mass and muscular strength, and an increase in the number of fall-related injuries. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will have an injury due to a fall. For anyone, a fall can lead to a serious injury, but even more so for seniors.

Improved balance is one of the first things members notice after just a few sessions at OsteoStrong. OsteoStrong session coaches perform regular balance tests for new members to track their progress.

Learn more about the seriousness of falls from the CDC article.

Relief from Joint and Back Pain

Chronic joint and back pain can be very difficult to endure, leading people to seek extreme solutions to find relief. Many Seniors conclude that drugs and surgery are their only options. Some just figure out a way to live with the pain. OsteoStrong has delivered relief where other options have failed:

  • Chronic knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip pain
  • Neck pain
  • Degenerative disc disease

Listen to real people share how they were freed from long-term pain and avoided surgery after just a few OsteoStrong sessions.

Nerve Damage

The same OsteoStrong sessions that deliver unmatched improvements in bone health and overall strength also play a key role in helping with many forms of nerve pain. In fact, the process is so effective that Dr. Raj Singh, co-author of “OsteoStrong – Osteogenic Loading,” uses osteogenic loading technology in his practice for nerve damage rehabilitation. Many OsteoStrong members with nerve damage caused by stroke have regain feeling and were able to walk without assistance. Take a moment to listen to the experiences of those living with neuropathy and other forms of nerve pain have to say about the OsteoStrong system.

Some Words To Live By

The OsteoStrong system is a drug-free, patented, safe alternative to gyms, drugs, and surgery. Here is what some Seniors say about their OsteStrong experience:

“Things that were kind of maybe aching or hurting before, I don’t have have those pains or aches now. I have a lot more tingling and sensation in the areas where I didn’t have before. A lot more movement in my hand. So it has helped me tremendously.”

“I can tell a big difference in my stamina and my strength. We live in an apartment and I have to bring my groceries upstairs and I can tell a difference in my lifting and not being short of breath going up the stairs. My strength is up about 96% in the 6 months I’ve been coming.”

“It feels good. When I come in here, I come prepared to go shopping or go to the grocery store or whatever. I just get on the machine at the OsteoStrong center and do what I have to do, and then go about my business when I leave. It’s real easy and real nice. I don’t mind it, and in fact I look forward to it.”

“I went to a gym when I was in my 20’s, and you get hot and get sweaty. You’d spend an hour at the gym. And I feel like I got a lot better results here than I did when I was at a gym when I was in my 20’s.”

Plain and simple, the OsteoStrong system works. Learn how OsteoStrong gets results by triggering neurological responses in your body for maximum, long-term effect.

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