OsteoStrong Now Offers Proprietary Next Generation Robotic Therapy Devices for Improved Ergonomics and Experience

At OsteoStrong we believe in the philosophy “working smarter, not harder.” We have upheld this philosophy, along with a commitment of helping people of all ages and backgrounds, since our founder, Kyle Zagrodzky, launched OsteoStrong in 2011.


Around the same time Dr. John Jaquish was also introducing a revolutionary technology that changed the way people age.


Dr. John Jaquish began his experience in life sciences after his mother told him that she had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. In an effort to help his mother, Dr. Jaquish created a device to safely cause osteogenic stimulation, a brief set of highly controlled, acute impact exercises that clinical studies have proven significantly increase bone density. The system triggers natural bone and tissue growth that improves overall strength, balance, and posture while easing joint pain.



After successfully reversing his mother’s osteoporosis, he conducted four years of testing with human subjects focused on user comfort, biomechanics, and optimal musculoskeletal stimulation.


Fast-forward to this year, Dr. Jaquish has helped to invent a second generation of osteogenic stimulation robotic musculoskeletal therapy devices called Spectrum that are exclusive to OsteoStrong.


While the first generation of Dr. Jaquish’s equipment allowed just one user at a time, Spectrum includes four specialized models that let four users to engage in sessions simultaneously, decreasing wait time and further engaging each bone and muscle group.


Ergonomics also played a major role in the updated design – grippers fit more comfortably in the hand and create a safer experience for clients of every age. People with bad knees can now reach osteogenic stimulation trigger points more effectively and with zero pain. More reporting features will even give everyone a clearer, more complete picture of how effective each session is as well as their progress over time.


In addition, the system remembers each user’s settings and automatically adjusts to the correct positions when they scan in, giving people the same experience regardless of which OsteoStrong location they visit, more quickly and easily.


OsteoStrong sessions help our members maintain healthy joints, strong bones and overall strength as well as better balance and flexibility. Best of all, they are sweat-free and take less than 10 minutes a week. Sound better than taking pills or trying strenuous exercise that will have little-to-no effect on bone density? Find an OsteoStrong near you…first session is FREE!


Image: Courtesy of OsteoStrong

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