OsteoStrong Announces Partnership with Tony Robbins

Kyle Zagrodzky, the founder and president of OsteoStrong, established a long-term solution for osteoporosis, explosive strength gains, as well as joint and back pain almost six years ago. While some could consider us still new to the business world, our revolutionary, patented concept has now expanded to over 15 states within the United States and serving thousands of members each week.


Our rapid growth has been made possible by OsteoStrong’s franchisees, who privately own and operate each location and passionately care about each member’s physical wellbeing.


While the above speaks on our expansion across multiple markets and our passion for naturally strengthening the musculoskeletal system, we are proud to announce a new partnership with businessman, best-selling author and philanthropist: Tony Robbins.


For those who aren’t as familiar with Robbins, he became well known for his infomercials and several self-help books including Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within, Awaken the Giant Within, and recently released #1 New York Times best seller, Unshakeable. You can now find him hosting a variety of self-help and business seminars around the world, where he teaches participants how to push through their fears to become more confident, productive and successful at everything they do.


Robbins was quoted in an Entrepreneur article saying, “Just like anyone can start their day with a killer workout, find a way to master a craft, find meaning in their work or create a passionate and loving relationship, the secret lies in being able to break through fears and eliminate limiting beliefs in order to create the life of your dreams.”


Not only is Robbins a firm believer of the OsteoStrong brand, he also recognizes the profound results we provide our members who want more out life by maximizing their physical strength and vitality. With that said, Robbins has committed to opening 3 OsteoStrong franchises: Two in Florida and one in Las Vegas. Robbins is also opening more doors for the brand, specifically opportunities for national celebrities to become advocates of the brand to further increase awareness around the world. “OsteoStrong will be a global brand. Their mission is to help improve the quality of peoples’ lives. I want to help make that happen and be a part of the growth.”



For those who are interested in increasing overall musculoskeletal strength, improved posture and balance, OsteoStrong can help you take your health journey to the next level. Sessions are non-invasive, do not involve breaking a sweat and take less than 10 minutes each week.






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