OsteoStrong Works For Osteoporosis

What Is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. It happens when you lose too much bone and/or make too little bone. As a result, your bones become weak and may break from a fall. About 54 million Americans have low bone mass, which means they are at increased risk for osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis actually means “porous bone.” If you look at healthy bone under a microscope, you’ll see that parts of it look like a honeycomb. If you have osteoporosis, the holes and spaces in the honeycomb are bigger than they are in healthy bone. Many people age 50 or older make a decision to have a bone density test.

Now There’s A Solution

OsteoStrong is a non-pharmaceutical option that has proven effective in increasing the three best defenses against bone breaks: bone density, balance, and muscle strength. Bone mineral density DXA scans are showing OsteoStrong members are increasing bone density from 3 to 12% in just 12 months. See the DXA scan results from some OsteoStrong members who have reversed their osteoporosis.


Here are what a few OsteoStrong members with osteoporosis have to say:

“I needed to do something for the osteoporosis in my back, and I heard about OsteoStrong, so I came here.”

“I do have osteoporosis so I’ve been concerned about taking the medication for osteoporosis. I wanted to seek an alternative.”

“The results I have received from doing OsteoStrong have been amazing. I have had 141% increase in my strength which is unbelievable.”

In fact, we guarantee you’ll get measurable improvements in bone density and strength. Read about the OsteoStrong Promise.



Loss of Balance and Agility

Another real concern for many people over 60 is a noticeable loss in balance. It’s at this age that many individuals experience fall-related injuries. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that approximately 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men age 50 and older will break a bone due to osteoporosis. For anyone, a fall can lead to a serious injury, but even more so for Seniors. Learn more about the seriousness of falls from this CDC article.

Improved balance is one of the first improvements members notice after just a few sessions at OsteoStrong. OsteoStrong technicians perform regular balance tests for new members to track their progress.

Loss of Bone and Muscle Strength

At age 30, virtually everyone starts to lose muscle strength. In fact, if eating right and working could hold off this natural course of aging, we would see professional athletes continuing their careers well beyond their 30’s.

No matter how much we take care of our bodies, they will weaken. Everyone eventually feels the effects of bone and muscle loss after age 30. At OsteoStrong, we don’t slow down the process of aging like what you can expect from working out every day. We actually reverse it. In fact, we measure your progress with proven results.

Nerve Damage and Pain

The same OsteoStrong sessions that deliver unmatched increases in both bone and muscle strength also play a key role in helping many eliminate many forms of nerve pain and damage. In fact, it’s so effective that Dr. Raj Singh, co-author of “OsteoStrong – Osteogenic Loading,” uses the OsteoStrong technology in his practice for nerve damage rehabilitation.

We’ve seen members with nerve damage caused by stroke regain feeling in their hands and start to walk without a cane again. Others who suffer from neuropathy and other forms of nerve pain comment on feeling better after only a few OsteoStrong sessions.

Read about how OsteoStrong members have found relief from pain.


OsteoStrong Improve Balance Research

Research Shows Powerful Results From Using OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong is not a new fad workout. It’s not another gym or health supplement. Our system is backed by research and thousands of testimonials from people of all age groups that confirm that your bones can get stronger and your agility can improve:

Study #1 – In December 2013, Osteoporosis International (ISSN: 0937-941X) presented a bioDensity paper at the International Osteoporosis Foundation Conference in Hong Kong. The results of this analysis showed bone density gains that averaged 7% in the hip and 7.7% in the spine after just ONE year of using our patented OsteoStrong technology.

Study #2 – In contrast, clinical trials on Boniva found that those with osteoporosis who took the drug showed gains of just 3.1% in the hip and 6.4% in the spine over a THREE year period. So, even when the time is tripled, drug intervention fails to match what OsteoStrong can do by stimulating the natural bone regeneration process. Read the article.




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