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SmallPhotoBackandJointPainIt’s true. The quality of our life changes dramatically when we have pain. Pain is a challenge not only to the one who suffers from it, but from the entire family it affects. Dealing with pain can also put ones job at risk. Many people struggle just to make it through their day.

The good news is that OsteoStrong has a natural way to help you reduce – and ultimately eliminate – many types of pain. Walk again. Run again. Play golf again. Enjoy your life fully.

We’ve seen lives that have been restricted by years of pain utterly changed for the better following just a few short sessions at OsteoStrong.

Chronic Pain No Longer Needs To Be Your Reality

Drugs and surgery are what many conclude are their only options. Some just figure out a way to live with the pain. OsteoStrong has delivered where other options have failed, including relief from:

  • Chronic knee pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip pain
  • Neck pain

Listen to people share how they were freed from long-term pain and even avoided surgery after several OsteoStrong sessions.

Preventing and Recovering From Injuries

Not many things are more frustrating than having an injury cause a course-correction in your life. Rehab (or surgery and rehab) can sometimes get you back on your feet, but with many people, those aren’t viable options.

After just several OsteoStrong sessions, we’ve seen members avoid knee replacement surgery and reverse shoulder, back, and knee pain caused by injuries or chronic conditions.

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Nerve Damage and Strokes

The same OsteoStrong sessions that can help you get the pain relief you need can also help eliminate many forms of nerve pain and damage. We’ve seen members with nerve damage caused by stroke regain feeling in their hands and start to walk without a cane again. Others who suffer from neuropathy and other forms of nerve pain comment on feeling better after several OsteoStrong sessions.

Each OsteoStrong session only takes about 7 minutes once a week. You can come dressed as you are; no gym clothes are needed – and you won’t be fatigued or more sore when you leave. You’ll be able to feel the difference, and can gauge your progress from Day One.


Feeling Better Every Day
Here are what some OsteoStrong members who were suffering from acute pain have to say:

“If there was no OsteoStrong, then I would still be in pain, and I wouldn’t know any better. I would think that I would just have to live in pain, and it wouldn’t be good, it really wouldn’t. OsteoStrong has changed my life.”


“I used to go to the gym and just got out of the habit and couldn’t get it started back, but I’ve been very faithful in doing this every week. It’s a lot easier for me to maintain my exercise by doing OsteoStrong.”


“I had fibromyalgia… things were very difficult before OsteoStrong – even to get in and out of a car.”


Mike (age 45) suffered from degenerative disc disease for almost 20 years. Chronic pain, failed medical attempts and unproductive physical therapy left him with little hope. With no expectations, Mike gave OsteoStrong a try after seeing the results his parents were having. Two months after joining, Mike was pain free and has been ever since.

Listen to people share how they were freed from long-term pain and even avoided surgery after several OsteoStrong sessions.

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