Muscle Health

The Need-to-Knows of Osteoporosis

As National Osteoporosis Month continues on, we thought it’d be helpful to review the basics of osteoporosis. As you may know, step one of preventing a disease is knowing what it is, if you may be at risk and any signs or symptoms to look out for. Once you arm yourself with that knowledge, you […]

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CDC Report: Over Half of People Over 60 Have Weak Muscles

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released information showing that one in five Americans age 80 and older has weak muscle strength. Though loss of strength is common in mature people, severe muscle weakness can lead to impairment of daily activities and other serious problems. The CDC research found that more than […]

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Space Worms May Help Scientists Understand Bone and Muscle Health

“Space worms” may sound like this summer’s newest science fiction movie, but they’re actually sinewy test subjects who are helping real scientists understand the human body better. The millimeter-long roundworm is often used in studies as a miniature model for larger organisms, and recently launched studies of the tiny creatures are looking for new ways […]

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