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OS Annual Convention 2014

On October 10, 2014 franchisees from 9 states convened in Nashville, TN in the 1st Annual OsteoStrong Convention for two days packed full of learning, resources and plenty of motivation. The convention kicked off with a Meet and Greet which included Kyle Zagrodzky, Founder of OsteoStrong and Dr. John Jaquish, Inventor of the OsteoStrong equipment. […]

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National Signing Day

Wellness brand OsteoStrong to sign franchise commitments on June 24 for 500 units in 9 states. Unique wellness system is overhauling modern human performance. (Nashville, Tenn.) June, 2014 — OsteoStrong hit the market in 2011 with a specialized system claiming to improve bone density, strength and balance. Founder and CEO Kyle Zagrodzky promised customers that […]

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Can I use my insurance?

The fees at OsteoStrong are very low and less than the co-pays that others are paying to use the same technology at doctor’s offices around the country. If we accepted insurance, just like the doctors, your co-pays fees to use the OsteoStrong system would likely be much higher than our current fees structure.

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Why can’t I come in more than once week?

Once you have successfully achieved the right set of circumstances at OsteoStrong to cause your own natural adaptive responses to trigger skeletal and muscular hypertrophy, your body naturally does the rest of the work for you. Our extensive database of over 25,000 users does not show that results are better or happen any more quickly […]

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Why does it work?

The human body has built-in natural adaptive responses. Just like when your skin sweats when it is too hot or your pupils dilate when the room gets dark, your body also has adaptive responses that will cause your bones and muscles to strengthen when the right circumstances are met. The OsteoStrong system is designed to […]

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