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The Need-to-Knows of Osteoporosis

As National Osteoporosis Month continues on, we thought it’d be helpful to review the basics of osteoporosis. As you may know, step one of preventing a disease is knowing what it is, if you may be at risk and any signs or symptoms to look out for. Once you arm yourself with that knowledge, you […]

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Prepping for the Peak: Top Tips for Bone Health in Your Twenties

Often overlooked throughout life, the strength and health of one’s skeletal system is far more important than many realize until its flat-out too late. I suppose it’s because people just don’t think it’s something you have any control over, that your bones are just the way they are and there’s nothing that anybody can do […]

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OsteoStrong Announces Partnership with Tony Robbins

Kyle Zagrodzky, the founder and president of OsteoStrong, established a long-term solution for osteoporosis, explosive strength gains, as well as joint and back pain almost six years ago. While some could consider us still new to the business world, our revolutionary, patented concept has now expanded to over 15 states within the United States and […]

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OsteoStrong Now Offers Proprietary Next Generation Robotic Therapy Devices for Improved Ergonomics and Experience

At OsteoStrong we believe in the philosophy “working smarter, not harder.” We have upheld this philosophy, along with a commitment of helping people of all ages and backgrounds, since our founder, Kyle Zagrodzky, launched OsteoStrong in 2011.   Around the same time Dr. John Jaquish was also introducing a revolutionary technology that changed the way […]

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4 Actions to Take After a Hip Fracture

We are firm proponents of the belief that it’s never too early (or too late) to protect your bones from an osteoporosis-related fracture. For those who are unfamiliar with the statistics surrounding this silent disease, approximately 80 percent of Americans with osteoporosis are women – a stat that it is expected to increase to 64.4 […]

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