3 Tips for Being the “Healthiest You” During the Holiday Season

Holidays are a time for family, fellowship and (of course) food! While we are all allowed to indulge in our favorite holiday dish and even a glass of spiked eggnog, we also understand the importance of keeping a balanced diet and maintaining an exercise routine. We’ve compiled three tips to help our readers be the healthiest version of themselves possible, even throughout the busy and food-filled holiday season. Not only will these tips fend off that extra holiday weight, they can also help you jump start new health goals for 2017!


Tip #1: Bring a dish that is packed with flavor, but health conscious.


They say you should never show up to a party empty handed. If you’ve been invited to a holiday bash, whip up a healthier version of a dish that both you and the guests can enjoy. The dish can be as simple as multigrain bagel chips with smoked salmon mousse dip to enjoy as an appetizer, or you can bring green beans with dried cranberries and hazelnuts as a complimentary side to the host’s main entrée.


Other health-minded tricks to keep in mind when attending a friend or family gathering include: start with the veggie platter and eat the healthier dishes first (or even eat a healthy snack at home to curb your appetite before you show up at the festivities), stand more than an arm’s length away from the munchies, and take your time enjoying the flavor of each bite.


Tip #2: Maintain your exercise regime (and embrace wintertime activities).


Between the chilly temperatures, shorter daylight hours and plenty of holiday parties that await your RSVP, it can be a challenge to squeeze in a workout. Even if you can’t make it the gym, try parking further away from your holiday shopping destination for a chance to burn off those extra calories. Or take a full, quickly-paced lap around the mall before you head directly to a particular department store. You can even sneak in some window shopping at the same time!


Many cities host annual holiday-themed active events such as turkey trots or jingle bell runs. These races are great way to get all members of your family moving together, and aren’t too competitive typically. Just make sure you sign up in advance, so you can’t back out at the last minute! You can even check out several of these winter sports that you could enjoy with your loved ones. No matter what wintertime activity or workout tip you use to stay fit, we encourage you to set a fitness goal during this time of year in order to keep yourself motivated and consistent.


Tip #3: Keep a tab on those adult beverages.


Most of us want to celebrate this time of year, which for some may include enjoying a sip (or two) of a tasty holiday cocktail. However, alcohol can leave you feeling tired, bloated or with a severe headache after a night of too many libations, so here are a few tips to help curb the affects of alcohol, as you head out for a night on the town.


Diluting your drinks with a large amount of hydrating, non-alcoholic fluid (such as club soda or all-natural, low-calorie juices) can help with warding off a painful hangover. Eating snacks that are high in  before and during a party are also proven to help curb your desire to consume alcohol. A few additional tips include: making a plan to leave a party or event at a particular time, swapping out a few alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic drinks, and remembering that alcohol is a complement to an enjoyable holiday experience – not the purpose of it!


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