July 2015

Space Worms May Help Scientists Understand Bone and Muscle Health

“Space worms” may sound like this summer’s newest science fiction movie, but they’re actually sinewy test subjects who are helping real scientists understand the human body better. The millimeter-long roundworm is often used in studies as a miniature model for larger organisms, and recently launched studies of the tiny creatures are looking for new ways […]

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Are There Alternative Osteoporosis Treatments That Actually Work?

People have different reasons for trying “alternative” therapies when it comes to dealing with osteoporosis. More than 10 million people in the U.S. alone have osteoporosis, and 18 million more are at risk of developing it later in life. As many as 34 million Americans are at risk of low bone mass. Osteoporosis is a […]

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A Roundup of OsteoStrong News

As you can see, we’ve been very busy opening new OsteoStrong locations across the U.S., and OsteoStrong President Kyle Zagrodzky has been sharing his expertise – from improving franchise communications to knowing if your business is truly ready to expand into the world of franchising. We’ve put all this great material into a roundup of […]

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